About barbaranolan.com


barbaranolan.com takes you to the fun world of understandable Nishnaabe-language immersion video. We’ve carefully designed and produced immersion-style dramatized episodes fully expecting that you’ll be able to understand the general meaning of the stories being acted out – without needing translation.



We’re also hoping that you’ll:

  • be entertained by our (attempt at) humour,
  • enjoy experiencing the ancient language of our ancestors,
  • acquire lots of contextual language input, and
  • better appreciate the wonderful diversity of human language and society.


Like many indigenous communities around the world today, we Nishnaabe people are currently in the midst of an inspiring period of healing and nation-building. We are reclaiming our voice, our language and ourselves. We at barbaranolan.com hope to contribute in a positive (and fun!) way to these efforts.


We wish you an enjoyable visit.


Miigwech! (Thank you!)

~Barbara Nolan and John Paul Montano