About John Paul Montano

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John Paul Montano

John Paul Montano spent the first ten years of the 2000’s acquiring our Nishnaabe language from his mentor, Barbara Nolan. Together, they successfully transferred the language forward, across one generation – from Barbara to John Paul. He is profoundly grateful to be a speaker of Nishnaabemwin.

His efforts for the last two decades consist mostly of helping to pass our Nishnaabe language on to the next generations of our people.

John Paul is a very happy, and extremely grateful, Nishnaabe from the Pokégnek Bodéwadmik who currently lives in Baawitigong (Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan). He loves to laugh.

He hopes to, very soon, start recording stories in his Potawatomi language on his website at jpmontano.com.

If you’re interested, you can reach John Paul at jp@johnpaulmontano.com