“The Cab Driver”
23 min.

While driving a cab to earn some extra cash, Mtigwaab learns much from one of his passengers, an old woman. She is filled with gratitude for the life she’s led as she calmingly accepts her impending death. In “Bemoozhwed,” Barbara Nolan encourages us to examine the many experiences we’ve enjoyed during our life. As Mtigwaab’s elder passenger suggests to him, perhaps our gratitude for our pleasant experiences can indeed help us to better accept other events in our life which are not so pleasant.

By Barbara Nolan

Barbara Nolan is a first-speaker of Nishnaabemwin who has spent several decades working with a variety of organizations to revitalize the Nishnaabe language. Most recently, her dream of passing her language on has come true: Barbara has successfully passed her language on to John Paul Montano. This website,, is one part of their continuing efforts to help other Nishnaabe people acquire the language.