Kiwenziinh miinwaa Gwisan
“The Old Man and His Son”
20 min.

Due to Biidaankwad’s old age, he moves in with his son, Noodin. One early morning while the two men are sitting outside Noodin’s house, they are visited by a robin. What does Robin teach about showing gratitude? What is Noodin’s reaction to the memories which Robin brings to the two men that morning?

In “Kiwenziinh miinwaa Gwisan,” Barbara Nolan encourages us to ask ourselves whether we’re willing to continue learning from our parents, and from the animals, even though we might be all grown up with a family and a life of our own.

By Barbara Nolan

Barbara Nolan is a first-speaker of Nishnaabemwin who has spent several decades working with a variety of organizations to revitalize the Nishnaabe language. Most recently, her dream of passing her language on has come true: Barbara has successfully passed her language on to John Paul Montano. This website,, is one part of their continuing efforts to help other Nishnaabe people acquire the language.