Miigwech Kido Biidaankwad

Miigwech Kido Biidaankwad
“Biidaankwad Says Thank You”
35 min.

Miigwech to Margaret Hele, Barbara Burns and Roseanna McCoy for their camerawork and kind assistance in helping us to record this video.

Determined to earn some cash so that he will one day be able to attend medical school, the entrepreneurial Biidaankwad – a mere ten-years-old – is hard at work as a door-to-door salesperson.

On one especially bad day at work, one of Biidaankwad’s potential customers is particularly good-hearted toward him and succeeds wonderfully in lifting the young boy’s spirits. In “Miigwech Kido Biidaankwad,” Barbara Nolan reminds us that even the small kindnesses we show toward others can return to us many times over.