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April 30, 2011

Yaaaaay! We’re very happy that our website is (finally!) up and running.

There have been many glitches, pot-holes and detours on our journey to this point. So, the both of us are quite grateful that we can now begin providing you with lots and lots of Nishnaabe-language immersion videos.

A big ‘Miigwech’ to all of you who have gifted us with your kind words of encouragement and thoughtful feedback over the last few weeks. We hope you’ll continue to share with us your insights so that we, in turn, can continue to provide you with quality immersion video.

Have fun!

Miigwech (Thank you)
~Barbara Nolan and John Paul Montano

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  1. Colleen says:

    Awesome job mother and JP…. Kaylee can’t wait to start watching the videos.. she kept saying ‘thats not gramma…lol’

    Congrats on getting your site online.. i know you both have been working so hard on it !!!

    • Thanks Coll!! We’ve been waiting for this wonderful day! It feels great to be able to pass the language on – it feels like a second chance for me! The work that JP and I are doing is especially for Kaylee and all of the up and coming generation.

    • Your encouraging words are much appreciated, Colleen! :) We’re now looking forward to posting the next group of videos for everyone.

  2. Roxane says:

    Barb: I loved the videos look forward to seeing more. Rox

  3. Tracey says:

    Barb: Very funny videos….good job! Keep them coming. I’ve passed your website on to my colleagues to share with their classes here in Thames Valley. Thanks for all you do to keep our language alive!

  4. Nathan Isaac says:

    You have a really good thing going here! Keep up the good work. I see barbaranolan.com becoming more than you planned it to become ;)
    Also, there are a lot of people not on-line that would love to see the videos. I hope DVDs of all the videos are in your future too! DVDs would also make showing the videos to a classroom full of students easier for the non-techinal savy teachers out there! lol It would also bring in a little zhoonya from sales too!

    • Gchi-miigwech, Nathan. The both of us are humbled by your kind words concerning the future of barbaranolan.com.

      Your suggestion concerning DVDs is an insightful one. Barbara and I have for some time been considering making available on our website DVD images of our videos. Perhaps then our viewers could use the images to burn their own DVDs.

      We’re trying to stay within a donation model. We believe strongly that if we add value to our viewers’ lives, then our viewers will contribute to barbaranolan.com. So, more than likely, we’d make the DVD images available for download from our website free of charge. If folks find the downloads useful, they could then chip-in a couple bucks by clicking on our website’s Donate button.

      barbaranolan.com is still a new company, so these wonderful suggestions that you and others share with us are very much appreciated.

      Miigwech miinwaa, Nathan! :)

  5. Jim St. Arnold says:

    Just found your site while wandering around. Looks great!! Gonna have to watch all the videos.

    And I’ve been wondering what JP has been up to.

    Good to see both of you keeping things strong.

    • Aanii, Jim! It’s great to hear from you. Thanks so much for the good words. We’re both very grateful.

      Barbara’s been super encouraging in trying to get me in front of the camera. Over this past year I’ve begun doing some immersion instruction – mostly with our young people. Perhaps by this Autumn we’ll be ready to start producing immersion videos with both Barbara and myself in the videos.

      I hope all is going well with you, also, Jim. Perhaps we could visit the next time you’re in the Soo.

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